2015 European State of the Video Industry Report

Hot on the heels of our sixth US State of the Video Industry report, today we are announcing the results of our third annual European report. We interviewed over 400 brands, agencies, and publishers across multiple European markets to get a holistic view of today's video advertising industry and key trends across both the buy and sell sides.

In Western Europe alone, over $35 billion (€33 billion) has been spent on digital advertising this year and this figure is predicted to grow to nearly $46 billion by 2019.1

For full insights and analysis on the trends we unveiled, download the 2015 European State of the Video Industry report, but here's a few key findings from the report to whet your appetite:

Mobile and video are converging, posing new opportunities and challenges to the industry.
Mobile video is the strongest growth area with more than half of buyers planning an increase in mobile video ad spend, but cross device targeting and attribution/measurement are the key pain points for agencies and advertisers.

Programmatic is ubiquitous and is set to increase.
Nearly all video buyers (98%) in the European markets surveyed are buying video programmatically, with approximately 40% of their total video budgets being channeled this way. On the sell side, 97% of those surveyed are selling digital video programmatically, with three quarters of those making their premium video inventory available for sale via programmatic buying.

Programmatic metrics are more important than ever.
Safety and inventory quality issues are the most frequently cited challenges for programmatic video buyers, with two in five citing viewability and fraud scores as vital when measuring campaign performance.

TV budgets are fueling an increase in video spend.
Although TV ad revenues are not declining in Europe, nearly two-thirds of the video buyers (61%) in our survey, who have seen an increase in their digital video budgets , say that broadcast TV budgets are being reallocated to video advertising.

Video Metrics: CTR is still the most used measurement.

1 eMarketer, September 2015

While other branding metrics are becoming increasingly important, CTR is still the most used metric to assess the success of video ad campaigns, ranking higher than other branding metrics such as impressions, reach, brand uplift and GRPs.
What's clear overall is that there are still huge opportunities and some big challenges to overcome for both sellers and buyers of digital video. Read our report for all the insights and our conclusions for the digital ad industry.

The European report is the next installment in an international research initiative across several markets exploring how digital video is shaping the industry across the globe. Other international reports and a global market analysis will continue rolling out over the next few months. For more information on their availability, visit soi.aolplatforms.com.