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Engadget is a news, reviews and opinion outlet, providing an elevated look at what technology actually does. It’s detailed factual reporting married with real-world contextualisation. AOL Cars offers a blend of the latest motoring news, new car launches and consumer advice, the perfect destination for car enthusiasts HuffPostUK is a unique, opinion-led site covering news, entertainment, tech and lifestyle; offering an original mixture of journalism, shareable content and video. It’s read by millions and has more than 10,000 bloggers. MyDaily is the most popular fashion, beauty and lifestyle website in the UK. Featuring the latest trends, exclusive shoots with inspiring real women and comment on now issues, helping readers shop, style and start conversations. The original online destination providing everything users need to know and want to know, bringing together a unique combination of curated, relevant daily content and useful tools. AOL Mail delivers a highly engaged and loyal audience to brands, with 5 complementary ad placements exposed to an affluent audience 2.5m monthly visitors In real-time blog format, TechCrunch is consumed with profiling startups, reviewing new products and websites,producing an average of 100 stories daily. AOL Money is a mix of news and guides focused on engaging and informing consumers, giving them actionable pointers to financially improve their lives. AOL Travel offers an inspirational mix of world travel features with skiing guides, luxury holidays and bargain breaks. A mix of reassuring advice, features and debate, realistic reviews and the latest news, Parentdish attracts an audience of mums, dads and grandparents.


AOL Platforms Video

AOL Platforms enables marketers and media brands to reach consumers across desktop, mobile, tablet and connected TV through premium experiences, programmatic buying and performance-driven campaigns.

From original series to an immense library of partner content, AOL On delivers curated video experiences with the most relevant content on every topic, and reaches your audience on every page across every screen.


High Impact
For maximum reach you can brand a website or mail site for a day. Offering a large and engaging ad space that can accommodate flash, video, static imagery or animated content.
High Impact
Rich and engaging formats can work for small screens too. From expanding banners to image galleries and videos, we offer a range of exciting ways to target your audience on mobile too.
Native Advertising
Utilise our journalistic expertise and in-house creative solutions team to create engaging and effective native advertising. Communicate your message through content that our audiences love to read and share.

AOL Fact #1

AOL UK reaches 20M UV’s per month across all screens
ComScore 2014

AOL Fact #2

AOL ON, newly launched in the UK, is #1 in premium video globally
Comscore 2014

AOL Fact #3

The Huffington Post is the fastest growing news channel globally
Comscore 2014

AOL Fact #4

Adlearn Open Platform, AOL’s DSP, has grown more than 200% M/M since launch
Comscore 2014


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