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AOL Platforms enables marketers and media brands to reach consumers across desktop, mobile, tablet and connected TV through premium experiences, programmatic buying and performance-driven campaigns.

From original series to an immense library of partner content, AOL On delivers curated video experiences with the most relevant content on every topic, and reaches your audience on every page across every screen.


High Impact
For maximum reach you can brand a website or mail site for a day. Offering a large and engaging ad space that can accommodate flash, video, static imagery or animated content.
High Impact
Rich and engaging formats can work for small screens too. From expanding banners to image galleries and videos, we offer a range of exciting ways to target your audience on mobile too.
Native Advertising
Utilise our journalistic expertise and in-house partner studio team to create engaging and effective native advertising. Communicate your message through content that our audiences love to read and share.

AOL Fact #1

AOL UK reaches 20M UV’s per month across all screens
Comscore 2014

AOL Fact #2

AOL ON, newly launched in the UK, is #1 in premium video globally
Comscore 2014

AOL Fact #3

The Huffington Post is the fastest growing news channel globally
Comscore 2014

AOL Fact #4

Adlearn Open Platform, AOL’s DSP, has grown more than 200% M/M since launch
Comscore 2014


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